The Wind Chill Factor Is A Lie

The weather forecast for my area says it’s currently 79°, feels like: 80° and will hit a high of 81°. When the low showed 64° for later in the week I seriously did a fist-pump. But the whole “feels like” thing gets me every time. It’s eight degrees out? Throw a little wind chill in and it feels like two! TWO DEGREES. I’d honestly rather it be cool than hot though (forever), because once you get past “feels like 73°” it just hops right into “Body Feels Like A Big Ol Bloated Whale Filled With Sadness”.

This will be a rambling post because I got all sorts of nauseous this morning and came home early from work. It sucked, specifically the part where the nausea happened. Stupid, STUPID heat sensitivity. Stupid me for getting a hot white mocha which contains two things that really don’t help: caffeine and dairy. And probably the “hot” part didn’t help either.

But I will give myself a high five for getting up at 0530, driving to the beach, and getting in a solid half hour of yoga. That gave me plenty of time to get prepped for work, and I was at the office at the time I usually wake up. Unfortunately the heat kicked my butt and I lasted only an hour in the failing AC before calling it a day and using up some of my precious PTO. I really want to go back to the beach, because the thought of splashing around in the nice cool Pacific sounds amazing… but it’s probably not a good idea to go in tomorrow with a sunburn. Maybe later tonight.

Speaking of the beach, I just saw [ and it reminded me of all things good about the beach. Yes, that’s my comment on the bottom. This morning – despite someone driving for several miles in front of me with HORRIBLE exhaust, despite all the trash that was on/near the beach (so sad and gross) – I realized my life is awesome. Even on the bad days, it’s great. I appreciate every moment. While actually living at the beach ceased to be fun, luck threw me a good hand and allowed me to work and live VERY close by. All the zen flavor without the hassle (and expense) of living directly on the boardwalk.

The trash thing bummed me out though. Really, you can’t throw away your bag of chips when you’re done? Come on. There are containers all over the place to put trash in. Ridiculous. It was probably just worse because of the past holiday weekend though, hopefully.

So that was my morning. I think the early yoga-at-the-beach thing is going to become a habit during the week, because it set a really good tone for the day. You know what else sets a good (summer) tone? This blog post: Very nice. I have a decent selection of fruit in my fridge right now but no watermelon, and will need to do something about that.

My plan here for the next hour or so is to craft up a fruit-and-cheese plate, grab my favorite book, and go sit in the nice cool bath I’m about to draw.

That's right. I drew it. (in paint, in about 30 seconds.)

Oh yeah! And a Harold update … photos. He seems to be doing okay – any cloudiness in the water just appears to be the standard cloudiness that happens when you leave tap water sitting out for a day.

PS: Why did I never know that Quiet Days in Clichy was a movie? Or had a PERFECT summer soundtrack? GoogleFTW!!! So nice.


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