After work on Saturday, we headed up to El Casa de Mike y Page in Rainbow, about an hour away. The evening consisted of drinking, balancing, knife-throwing, and snacking on steak-n-shrimp-kebobs & homemade blueberry pie. It was time for sleep after five Guinness, and I woke up to a beautiful view.

They’re out in the middle of nowhere: east of Camp Pendleton and Fallbrook, south of Temecula, north of San Marcos. It’s lovely and quiet but desert-hot when the sun comes up. We stayed there Sunday morning as well; the guys playing MAG while Page and I sat out by one of her gardens. She hooked me up with fresh strawberries, green beans, green onions, red grapefruit and in turn we discussed painting a mural on the side of their house. Once the weather starts to cool off we’ll start something up and hopefully turn the blank stucco into something beautiful.

A hockey game rounded out the night and I slept for nearly twelve solid hours. Today has been quiet. We’re trying not to move too much and have a grilling session planned here in a little while. Currently, my only plan (besides commandeering my butt to the freezer for a popsicle) is checking out the newness in WoW. J just bought me the expansion and I’ve got seven free days to play before deciding if I want to re-up my account (which is 95% likely). Been super burnt out on it for months, but still …the design and art in the game is just beautiful.


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