I’ve spent the evening sketching bones.

Tiny bones. Mostly phalanges, some carpals, but also the pelvic girdle & sacrum. It reminds me of the days once spent drawing maps. You look at a photo and you redraw the lines. There was a time when my maps looked like whatever the map put in front of me was, so I’m hoping to be able to recreate those skills of illustration.

Today someone tweeted a phrase that set off an explosion in my brain that made me IMMEDIATELY go over to Blick and buy some spray adhesive.

My sketching skills are greater than my painting skills. It’s easier for me to manipulate a line from a pencil than a line from paint – not just because the pencil marks can be erased, either. One piece I’ve been trying to make for a long time seems to be something that can’t be just painted, which probably makes it “mixed-media”, but as long as it comes out the way it looks in my head then it doesn’t really matter what medium it is.

Anyway, my night was spent researching paint wash techniques and sketching out small human bones. A canvas is primed, prepped and waiting. Should be fun.


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