New Chapter

It’s my first day back to work after regular weekend + 1 day PTO for being ill. Both of my physical inboxes and my email inbox are completely full, and the upcoming July 4th holiday weekend definitely has a lot on my plate work-wise as well. This is all good, because it’s better to be busy than bored. The only tough thing is trying to tackle everything in a major DayQuil haze, but I’m just working through one piece of paper at a time.

Taking a little break from that mountain to talk about something else… my book. Oh man, you guys. I’ve started books before, but this is the first one that ever has felt like something that wasn’t an overwhelming project. There’s a lot of work and research involved, to be sure, but at least this one feels like something that isn’t impossible to complete. I looked into getting Scrivener but don’t have the funds to buy a license right now, so GoogleDocs it is (for the moment). My thing has been just to pop open an email or blank Word doc and start writing whenever something pops into my brain, paste it into the file I have (online) and figure out the mess later. There will be research and revisions, sure, but overall it feels pretty solid. I even have a couple extra books that are brewing – like sequels, but also like additions to the collection. It feels good.

So cross your fingers and hopefully this works out.

Back to the regular grind, have a good one!


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