Not Quite

So the other morning, as planned, I made a smoothie. Fresh orange & carrot juice combined with a banana and spinach. Not too bad. My energy wasn’t on par with my normal caffeine high, though I didn’t feel exhausted – just the normal blah that comes with a slow day at work.

The only downside about using the juicer is that it’s not as easy to clean as say… a blender. There are at least four parts to clean (thoroughly!), and you have a bin of pulp which needs to be stored – if you’re saving it for blending into food – or tossed. The filter needs to be scrubbed to get all the little bits out.

Of course it the only logical action to follow “making a smoothie ten minutes before needing to leave for work” is for the pipe under the sink to crack, meaning any water going down the drain was pouring onto the floor. Awesome!


I sighed, put towels down everywhere and went to work. When I got home, the dishes were still at emergency status and the towels were still there. What I thought was a pinhole actually was a quarter-inch-wide crack running about 2 inches down the pipe. Superb. Let’s just say the last two days have been filled with trying very hard not to think about the kitchen, not to even walk through it.

Anyway, kudos to our an amazing contractor-handyman friend Mike, because he managed to fix all that today when he came down to do some more work. We now have a textured bathroom ceiling, a non-leaking sink, and a myriad of other little things going on. High five to that guy, and tomorrow’s goal is at least one glass of juice.

I’m exhausted now from a very busy day at work (and trying to clean up the kitchen here), but overall feeling pretty good. Time to shoot someone in the face and then go to bed.


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