My mom just bought me a juicer. Specifically: Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer Express.

Okay, this is the first ….real? infomercial? thing I’ve had since the Snuggie, but I’m not going to be trying to make juice and pulp out of that. I got all excited because A) my lovely friend Denice is juicing and looks AMAZING and B) ….omg! The store down the street sells FIVE POUNDS OF ORANGES FOR A DOLLAR.

I will drink the hell out of that much fresh orange juice, because they also have bananas and spinach and carrots for less than a dollar a pound. Some of the stuff is 2 pounds for a dollar. It’s crazy cheap. So… whatever gets me back to smoothies again because really? Jamba Juice is delicious but I just don’t want to pay close to $20/week for five smoothies that are mostly yogurt. And sugar.

So we shall see. It will be a tasty experiment. Tested it this evening and noted the following…

First note to self: read the instructions fully.
Second note to self: yes, you can just dump a whole orange in the juicer and five seconds later have a quarter glass of juice, but it will taste just like you bit right into a unpeeled orange. That doesn’t work for me, so take the extra time and peel the orange.

Tomorrow morning’s goal: orange+carrot+spinach in the juicer, blend with a banana. Cross fingers.


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