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One of the more thrilling portions of my job involves tracking insurance policies. They send the info, I enter it. If it doesn’t meet our minimum requirements, they have to contact their insurance company to adjust it, and then send me the revision. If busywork sounds more appealing to me than calling the tenant to let them know their premium is going up, I’ll often just contact the agent myself. It’s easier, it’s part of *their* job, and generally gets handled much quicker.

If we only had a handful of tenants this wouldn’t be such an ongoing chore, however we have over 600. Policies are constantly expiring, renewing, and generally giving me a headache, so I found a way to help myself with Excel by getting the specific cell that needs updating to turn red 30 days before it becomes “past due”. A single click generates a template email for the client, adjusted with their policy specifics, and off it goes to a hopefully working email address where they’ll see it and take action.

The point of all this is that I just saw a cell with a past due date of 6/4/11, and I’d like to submit an inquiry to some department as to how the FUCK we are basically in June of 2011 already?


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