Lace Butterflies

Maybe this is something every bride goes through, or maybe it’s more apparent to me because of the industry my employment as in, but I feel like……… I could write a book about weddings. How to plan one, have a fairly successful one, how to just tell yourself it’s okay to throw your hands up in the air and say “SCREW IT, whatever happens will happen.”

My wedding isn’t until next weekend, but it will be fine. You know why?

Because my spreadsheets told me so.

I’ve got this crazy feeling in my stomach. Butterflies. It’s probably excitement, also some anxiety, but I don’t want to call it nervousness. Here’s why I should not be nervous.

We’ve got a place to have the party, people will (probably) show up, food, drinks, music, and awesome outfits. You know what we can’t control? Everything in between. We can’t control the weather, flat tires, a weird random song during the dance-dance time, or all the to-the-minute little stuff.
I can figure out about how long it takes me to get my hair and makeup done, and the commute to the venue from the salon, but I can’t figure out if nine hundred people will want to go to the beach and get in my way. I can’t figure out if one of them will have road rage, pull a gun, and have some huge traffic backup.
I can figure out about how long it takes two people to have breakfast, but not how long it would take a group of ten to get ready, meet for food, who all would actually even go, and then if anybody has to stop for gas and then get lost on the way to the salon.
I can figure out about how many songs should fit into a six hour time block, but I can’t figure out if someone is going to make a request that leads to an hour-long segment of 80’s remixes and a session of doing shots.
I can figure out how long it takes to walk from one side of the lawn to the other, but I can’t figure out how long hugging everyone is going to take.
I can figure out how long it takes me to get to the airport, pick up people to take them to the hotel, and then get to lunch, but I can’t figure out if they’re going to want to sight-see or anything in between.

And you know what? I’m okay with not being able to figure it all out. The thought here is just to breathe, get through it, and enjoy the hell out of this next ten days. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Lace Butterflies

    • Larissa Horvath says:

      omgallthethings!!!!!!!!! (late response, lol. but still!)

      and SIDE NOTE: why is allie brosh’s freaking book taking so long? i mean, clearly from reading the comics we all know why, but i wish she’d post a new entry. or something. haha, i’m addicted!

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