Rain Rain Go Away

Originally I was going to say “I haven’t done anything today”, but that’s not true.

If you want to count “making tea” or “eating oatmeal” or “surfing the internet mindlessly for three hours”, then sure! Things have been done. Just nothing of importance or that is on my list to do today.

The rain looks to have stopped though, so after this post I’ll get moving.

There’s supposed to be a lunar eclipse tonight (running into tomorrow), the first one to happen on Winter Solstice since 1638. Or 1648. Either way, if you get the chance to see it you better get on it.

Link time!

I’m listening to Rhumba Shake by Chris Cutz. It makes me want to shake-shimmy-shake-shake.

My friend Denice updated her blog, “Our Daily Feed“. She’s smart and adorable and loves food just about as much as I do.

I just found Bedtimes are for Suckers and Short Fat Dictator, further validating my logic that I don’t need to have children, I just need to hang out with people who do. It works well.

Beyond that, I haven’t been updating you kids with the stuff that’s been getting made, so here’s a little shot of something a client requested.

I will probably be burning things in the desert for New Year’s or going to Sabbat, but if you’re around you should go to River Bar. It’s free!


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