Feather Duster

This particular blog’s focus was on art and design, and was started in early 2006. With the dust getting brushed off of the section of my brain that houses my design skills, I’d like to consider this the Grand Re-Opening of Retention. The goal is to make this an established place to showcase my various design projects, shed light on other blogs that inspire me, and generally help me to maintain drive. If I pick up some new clients on the way ….well, that won’t be a bad thing either.

Speaking of dusting things off, my linkroll appears to (sadly) be now made up of defunct, abandoned or broken-URL blogs. This is disappointing and makes me wonder what happened to all those chaps, so I may keep them up for posterity, but it’s definitely time to update with more modern (and consistent) linkage.

Anywho… welcome, and welcome back.


One thought on “Feather Duster

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