Breakfast Inspiration

Good morning!

Sunday is probably my new favorite day of the week. How new isn’t exactly certain, but it’s my current favorite. Generally Sunday means going to breakfast somewhere, and for awhile now that somewhere has been Alchemy.

This place is cute, the embodiment of Urban Local Meets Gourmet Without Being Annoying. The food is crafted (rather than merely served), the decor is super-artsy, the atmosphere is intimate and inspiring.

They showcase a lot of local art, and yesterday I noticed an email that I’d overlooked some time ago (to which I shrug sheepishly and apologize for not responding to but it was just… buried). The owner is one of those nice guys who wants to represent local artists, and I took a ballsy step to inquire how exactly to get represented. He wrote me back asking for a link to my portfolio. The problem here is that after losing said portfolio several years back in That Hard Drive Crash, I became too stressed from work and house-hunting to collect my thoughts and regroup.

Alchemy inspires not just my taste buds, but my brain. Whenever a Sunday morning finds me there, I can guarantee a huge manic rush of productivity afterward. This is usually spurred on by a nice walk around the zoo, a yoga class, a bike ride by my office, or a walk in Ocean Beach.

I’ve been making some solid progress on getting things back together over the past few days, and am feeling confident with my work. I just want to get a decent-size collection (at least a dozen) pieces before showing things to people.

Oh yeah! On a final note, I really love their little random table items. 🙂

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