“A hack that uses Google’s mapping application to help record distances traveled and calories burned during a running or walking workout.”

Well, it doesn’t mention biking, but that’s what we did. Jason bought a bike, finally, so hopefully this will be the start of a good habit. I’ve been biking on my own (with a non-beach cruiser) since April 23rd, but it’s nice to have someone else there for motivation, especially when it’s someone who you know will push you to keep going. There’s a calorie counter where you enter your weight, but I don’t know (don’t want to know) my weight, and I’m not sure how it calculates. It doesn’t account for hills or speed, so …oh well.

Still… this is AWESOME. I love maps and stuff like that. So! I’m hoping it’s correct. It looks correct. It also means we went 11.2 miles this morning and 6.3 miles on Friday night… something that my glutes and quads can attest to. It *also* means that my route to work is just under four miles (2 miles each way), which is nice.

Back in the day I used to walk around my Pennsylvania neighborhood quite a bit. The month or so before I moved found me awake every morning before 7, then off to walk/jog almost four miles. I’d come back home, make breakfast, and play the Sims/chat with Jason, and not really do much else. Mainly I was just waiting for the moving day to get there. It was fun looking at the route though just now, and remembering why I took a specific way or some of the things that used to be there.

My next goal is my Bird Rock Route/LJ Route, one of the most scenic and peaceful rides ever. With some hills and everything.

Chart your own course!


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