Lost & Found version2.7

I haven’t been very exciting or productive as of late, so below are things that show others who are both. Why on earth is the timestamp showing 1970? Hmm. Also… Halloween is fast approaching and I need to decide on a costume (as well as an event). Here are some costume ideas, help me choose one.

Event Found [via Juxtapoz]
Fear of Clowns
Title: Coulrophobia: Fear of Clowns
Dates: 09/29/06 – 10/30/06
Times: Opens September 29th & 30th, 2006 : 6pm to 12am.
Where: 3333 Adams Ave. San Diego, CA 92116
Price: Free

What: Artist and curator Kelly Hutchison (DarkVomit) along with the ART OF FRAMING GALLERY has invited an exhibit of 40+ national and local recognized artists to display their imaginations and artworks in the theme of Coulrophobia, the “fear of clowns”.

The show will feature the original artwork of the great Skip Williamson, Mitch O’Connell, John Wayne Gacy (1942-1994), Pamela Jaeger, Extremo the Clown, and 30+ other extremely talented artists from Alabama to Wyoming. There will be clowns in attendance… as well as music, food, drinks, t-shirts, prints, free vomit bags (for your viewing pleasure) and loads of laughs and creepy fun.

Things To Read
Dlisted – Celeb gossip… with photos and snark.
RazorRamon.com – Hard Gay, an infamous Japanese comedian.
cloudypool – Art & illustration, found via a livejournal.
The Standing Room.com – Music and blogging.
Athenia Animus – New to San Diego, but fabulous all the same.
Juxtapoz! – Please buy all the issues immediately.
Juxtapoz@Myspace – Linx to some art-tastic profiles.
Questionable Content – Aw, someone decided to panel my life.
Foxy Foxy – One of the most inspirational & beautiful people I’ve ever met.

Interesting LiveJournals
Some of them aren’t current, but they’re interesting nonetheless.

Things To Buy
Lush – My wishlist is here.
PixelGirlShop – I especially love the Klong and sushi pillows.
ipodshuffle – Eighty bucks for a baby ipod; not bad!
Necromance – Need some weird home decor? Perhaps a twin fetus?
J!NX – G33kery at its’ finest.


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